Saturday, 25 July 2015

Life is bliss!

Hey Ho what's up my party people! These past two days have been the most hottest days ever since summer started (legit). Like I'm talking 34 degrees! Some of you are going 'oh yeah that's not to bad', but when you have 60% humidity as well.. girl let me tell you it's like your walking on the sun with a wet blanket wrapped around you (a bit extreme? I don't think so).

Last weekend was bliss, I hadn't seen my friends for a while so we all went out to one of our friends house to have a good old fashioned BBQ and we all stayed the night. Was great catching up with them all. We also played games which was so much fun because I love games (they are life)!! Then in the morning my friend and I decided to try do some gymnastics lifts or whatever they are. It was quite hilarious a lot of fails but we got at least one right.

We all drove out to Connecticut that afternoon to join a farewell party for a friend. It takes about an hour and a half to get there which isn't bad at all. We got there had lunch then we all went down to the beach, swam a lot and went on the paddle boards and kayaks. They also had a dive platform out in the water so we were all on that and jumping off was so much fun, definitely reminded me of the good summers in New Zealand. 

All the beautiful ladies put ya hands up!
I love paddle boarding! 
This is where it got serious, trying to work out a plan to both stand up on the paddle board. 
Nearly there...
And yes we did it (for like a second)

Photo cred to Jay, amazing photographer! 

Anyway that's it for now love life and pizza ! 


Krystal xo

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Bring out the speedos !

It's finally Summer! Kids are off school, the pool is up, the speedos come out, subways are like saunas, people always look wet, the hair is uncontrollable, 90% humidity, ohh Yess it feels good to be alive!! 

When my youngest kid got off her last day of school we all went to a theme park called Playland. Now you know when you watch some movies and they have those dodgy little theme parks/carnivals where the rides are about 50 years old (literally)? Well this was one of those theme parks. Yeah I think I asked the girls before going on every ride if they were safe and also asking the people that worked on those rides. Especially going on the wooden roller coaster where I was like 'JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!' thinking that this could collapse any minute. But I made it!!

The next day we got up at 4am to catch a ride into the city to go see IMAGINE DRAGONS ekkkk!!! They were playing live on NBC, and it's free to go watch them. So we got to the city and there was a massive line so we waited and waited, then I could not be bothered waiting any longer (lines are for tourists),  so I decided to go check out if there's anyway of getting a good spot instead of being in the line. So I walked to where the concert was about to happen and there was a crowd of people in the front of the stage, the road and then the path where only a few people were standing and the cops were making another box for people to stand in. So I called the girls and they came quickly. We got an amazing view of the stage! 
It looks faraway but it wasn't that bad. 
 Also we got free nesquik !!

Imagine Dragons were amazing live! Love there passion! 

Anywho that's that for now have good week! 


Krystal xo


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Yes I am still here!

Hello people of the world! Well it has been awhile, but I have not forgotten about you all. Yes I still live in New York and yes I still do not have a horse (just disappointing). Here is an overview of what I've done in the past 3 weeks, check it out!

It was my girl Nikki's Birthday, the Mumma of Wolfpack (my squad), so we all hit the city and went bowling (such fun!). It was a great night, one of the top nights in NYC I have to say, we had a blast, so many laughs!

                     Wolfpack Crew!
 A lot of Selfies were going on because we had a camera that made us look so fly!


The week after, I actually went bowling again but with some of the Host team at church, at this real cool hipster place in Brooklyn. I secretly won but they all say I came third (no I came first)!
The best host team out! #doinglifetogether

 Then some of us headed to Central Park for a free concert (who doesn't love free concerts?!). Even though it was mostly all in Spanish and I couldn't understand anything it was a lot of fun! Its always a great time when you have great company!

                 Can you see our Halo's?
Also saw this awesome performance on the Subway it was crazy good!!

Then finally, last weekend, our good friend one of the original Wolfpack members came to visit for 2 weeks. So Saturday in the 30 degree Celsius weather we walked around half of Central Park sweating our faces off (literally)! 
                            And I'm sitting, sitting on a rock.
                 The famous Alice in Wonderland statue

                               Squad goals!
                                                       My Castle!
On that same day we also took the tram to Roosevelt Island. There was nothing really there just a new park that I didn't take photos of lol!

Photo cred to some of the Wolfpack crew as most of these photos I did not take because why take a photo when I can just use their photo lol!

Anyway now you are all up to date, so have a blast of week and I will be living it up in the sun while most of you will be in the freezing cold right now (sorry not sorry).
Peace out A town!


Krystal xo

Monday, 18 May 2015

Occupy everything!

Good evening beautiful people!
Last weekend was amazing! Let me tell you, last Saturday was a beautiful hot day, well not to hot, it was just perfect. We had Church in Central Park which was a first in the history of Hillsong and it was a beast! So many people came out, I met a load of people it was just a crazy good time! Also Hillsong United were here so they were just pumping, that touch the sky song just gets me everytime!
My friends on stage, they do such a good job! 

The next day was Mothers Day and since my friends and I don't have mothers here we decide to go upstate for a hike (hike in America means a 1-5 hour walk, hike in NZ means a 2-4 day walk). So yes we went for a walk up a very steep hill and it was 30 degrees Celsius and we were all just dripping with sweat, it was disgusting but kinda nice! We got to the top and it was beautiful!

We had lunch in the little village where they had live music it was really cute, these old men playing and singing they were actually quite good!

Now the Saturday just been was a lot of fun! My friends and I went on a boat cruise with all these Au Pairs, where we danced the night away and it rained, so everyone crowded inside and it was so squished but we still had an awesome time!
My crew, my family love them ! 
Keep loving life everyone x 

Krystal xo

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Let's go get away! 🚂

'Chang Chang getting paid over here' Some Missy Elliot to start of this beautiful blog. I use to want to be Missy Elliot, riding a horse with Gangsta clothes on (one of her album covers.. Awkward if you never got that album because what I'm saying would be very random to you right now). And your probably going to look that album up after this (DO IT!). I honestly just want to talk about Missy Elliot this whole blog, but but butty but but, just no. 

For the weekend peepz, I travelled to a faraway land on a train to.. Connecticut (actually only 2 hours, not far at all). We were going to stay with a friend to celebrate her birthday (we are the best). On Saturday we headed out to Mystic (a place in Connecticut), where we had lunch at the famous Mystic Pizza (A Julia Roberts movie, just brilliant!). 

We walked around the cute little town, had some ice cream, waited for a very long time to watch a bridge to come up, but then realized that it was not going to  open because there were no boats (sometimes my friends and I are just silly).  So we decided to do a mini photo shoot of us all 
This last photo someone actually offered to take our picture, and then after, we proceeded to take self timer photos because it was way funner! 

We then headed back to my friends house and went to the store to get food. We paid and walked out of the store. Then I realized I was holding an apple,  which I obviously did not pay for (who forgets they have an apple in their hand when walking out of a store?!!! Come on krystal, get with it!!) Anyway after a lot of laughing and nearly wetting myself we headed back to the house. 

That night we celebrated my friends birthday by going to a Kareoke bar! It was hilarious! Except the people that actually sung could really sing like amazing! Then Me and my girl Nikki got up there and rapped Super Bass by Nicki Minaj, and I'm telling you we killed it, like we were the bomb diggity, the best out of the whole night and then we got told you couldn't really hear us 😳, what?! I poured my heart out in that song and you couldn't hear us?!! Ridiculous I tell you! 
Enough ranting or whatever you call it. 

The next day it was HOT, HOT, HOT! So we went to a beach, it was beautiful! 

Also I do want to point out this..
Now we didn't have any plastic cups to take to the beach so I made some out of water bottles (so smart), that is how you do it in New Zealand people! 

It was a great weekend! Can't wait to go up again soon. 

This week has been a very interesting week. I got my first spider bite today, I pulled a tendon in my arm (literally can't lift anything with it) and my knee decided to start playing up. So it's been fun! 

Well I'm gonna get back to dreaming about being on a horse with gangsta clothes on.
 Peace out peepz! 


Krystal xo